Your Community based Mental Health Program
Helping each other to help ourselves

Friends and Advocates Centre is a
member run consumer/survivor program
located in the west end of Toronto.  
We are funded by the
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
and Central LHIN.

Individuals choose to use the service by becoming members.
Services are free or low cost. We also do not have a waiting list
therefore survivors can access our services immediately without any
wait time.  We do ask that you come in for an appointment  so you can
establish if the program is right for you in your recovery.
Friends and Advocates Centre
is staffed by consumer/survivors and
provides a number of peer supported
services. These services are available
to consumers, survivors and people
experiencing mental health problems and include
personal injury lawyer services and other mental health related services
Friends and Advocates Centre

Friends and Advocates Centre’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people facing
difficulties and challenges to their mental health in providing
recovery based programs and services in a welcoming,
non-judgmental and mutually supportive environment.
(drafted July 2007)